It’s strange. Always a good way to start a sentence verbal or non-verbal. It’s intriguing and a convenient segway, from nothing to something.

Things that are strange

Having 1,288 unread emails is my new ‘no new emails’.

Typing on this keyboard, the ‘z’ and ‘y’ are switched. I wanted to know why, so I turned to the trusted wikipedia. You can read about it here. I won’t saý, because a) it’s not that interesting and b) it’s not my own work. What is slightly cool is that the article is title QWERTZ – which IS easier to type on this keypad. I use ‘z’ and ‘y’ more frequently than I thought.

I’m getting the hang of where the ‘y’ is. I use it more. It was inevitable, not strange.

I’m heading to Berlin tonight in a car full of people I have never met. Is that strange? The shopping mall, cafe down the street and the internet is full of people I have never met, and those places aren’t strange. Is it strange because we are more isolated in a car? I’ll think about that and get back to you. I know you didn’t ask the question, but maybe you would like a response?

I tried to look up a song by George called strange days, couldn’t find it on the youtubes (strange?) instead here is their song Breathe In Now, which my ears prefer.

Enjoy, I am nostalgically.

WordPress told me to delete what it had written and start writing. So I have. It is really about time I start blogging, so here I am. Very cause and effect so far. Guess it all is.

Cause – I took a plane in June.

Effect – I am currently sitting in a one room student flat in Amsterveen. It’s not mine. But it’s cosy and I am welcome. CNN is playing on the TV, a french chef is showing us around Paris. It’s nostalgic for me, who was there earlier this year. I loved it.
I still miss the pan au chocolat, cheese and wine. And the wine.

I think it’s important, I know it’s important, that when you write you attempt a theme, beginning, middle and end. Not because as a writer it is the best way to write, but your readers sure appreciate the literal road map. I will now tell you the theme, beginning, middle and end for this post, incase it has been eluding you.

Theme: I am starting a blog.

Beginning: Where I am right now

Middle: Explanation of the post

End: A brief summary of my travels and how it relates to blogging.

I am travelling around Europe at the moment, something most Australians choose to do before or during their studies (I chose the latter). I lived in Edinburgh, and currently I am in Amsterdam (there was some London in between). I decided to start writing because I know I have a lot of ideas, plans and ramblings that I should record. I want to be able to write, not just babble.

So hopefully this will help.